An Insight into The Life Of A Male London Escort

Many people are curious and conversant with hiring female escorts. However, when it comes to a male escort, there is a lot of misunderstanding of what we do. For more than half a decade now, I have been working with a London-based escort’s agency, and I can tell you that it is quite an interesting and dynamic profession, which will expose you to the variations between and man and a woman and what they look out for in terms of intimacy.

How I Got into the Escorting Business

It started with my love for women, their company, and so on. Most of my female friends thanked me for spending time with them, and it was some of them that suggested that I could make a great escort. I set out and invested my time and effort into making a living from it.

Only a few of my close friends know I work as an escort. Many if not all, of them, are curious about my escapades and envy what I do for a living. Besides, even my clients are inquisitive about my line of work and often ask many questions.

I do not limit myself to only filthy rich women. Most of my clients have standard well-paying jobs; hence can easily afford my service. I love working with mature clients, many between the ages of 35-55, and only a few in the 20s. I do not love going past that age bracket, as I will find that we are likely to have fewer things in common.

What I Do

Escorting is quite dynamic; some moments are typically more enjoyable than others. Often, I wake up to potential clients’ calls, messages or emails and begin by responding to them. Here, I try filtering those women who look like jokers and begin building a connection with those that I feel are down to hire.

At times, I will meet clients that need some preparation. For instance, maybe I have to act as their partner/boyfriend or just prepare a night out, etc. My bookings are limited to 3-4 a week to allow me to prepare for my clients and keep myself fit by working out.

What I Love About Being an Escort

The most exciting part about escorting is travelling. Even though I work for Cleopatra Escorts, and most of my bookings are in here in the city, I have had the chance to tour on several occasions. There was this time I spent a week in a luxury hotel in Spain, which I rate my favourite experience. In addition, I have visited Paris and Italy. Because I’ve been to many top hotels in London, sometimes I ask myself; do these people recognize me walking in with a different woman every time? Anyway, I am used to people being judgmental!

If you are out there and would like to become a male escort, I would encourage you to go for it. Although you might hear stories about how interesting the experiences are and be enticed by the money- you need to be realistic about what it entails.

Do not expect you are always going to meet stunning early-twenties’ ladies. It is more likely you will meet middle-aged women, but on the lighter side, they are still impressive, educated, and relatively attractive. Also, try being realistic with yourself. If you do not score it well with women in real life, the odds of making it here are slim.


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